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Welcome to the PokeGen community!

What is Pokemon Generations?
What is Pokemon Generations?
Well, rather than talk about what it is, how about we mention what it will be? Pokemon Generations is about Pokemon. Specifically, it's about what happens between Generation 1 (Red, Blue, Yellow) and Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal). A custom story-line (that doesn't tamper much with the things already well-known from the games) will guide your trainer through much of Kanto and Johto. Who knows, perhaps even further...

Why should I play this?
Well, in short, we aren't planning to reinvent the wheel. We're hoping to bring players a 3D world that's fleshed out a bit more and ready to explore. Gone are turn-based battles, and a hybrid action-rts system, mimicking in some ways the turn-based mechanics, rests neatly in its place.

What can I do?
Well, for starters, pick your trainer! In Pokemon games, very little attention is really paid to the trainer by the player. Here, we want to make sure he/she is at least a little more focused upon.

You can still battle, catch, collect, train, and evolve your Pokemon. You can also have a few friends join your game, perhaps to travel through a damp cave together, or cheer each other on during gym matches. Heck, they may even become your greatest rivals.

So this is multiplayer?
Very much so. You will be able to join a friend to explore/battle/group and your friends can join you. There is no set limit as of now on how many players can play together at the same time, though once we have tacked that down, this will be updated to reflect that.

Will you be active in the community, or be recluses?
Assuming that a large enough community were to develop around the project, official tournaments and contests are planned, with unique opportunities awarded to the winners.

Pokemon, by nature, requires a community, and we want to make a strong, positive, and fun community here. We will read the forums, do our best to answer questions, and can also be reached in the IRC Channel (#pokemonGenerations) and AJAX chat listed in the forum header.

Can I help?
We have a contribution forum, and will look over art assets that are submitted. If they are approved, they'll be used in Pokemon Generations.

IRC Chat

Contact Us!
We can be reached in our IRC Channel, or in the AJAX Chat. For better results, try the IRC Channel!

Latest global announcements
Project Cancellation
Poster: Xatoku Sun Mar 02, 2014 11:28 pm

UPDATE: In the end, I stripped a lot of the core mechanics from the game as they were about to be rewritten, but since the project was cancelled,
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